If you didn't have to think about what to cook for the next 6 months,

how much time and energy would this save you?

Stress less with 6 months of "done-for-you" meal plans designed to help busy women

  • Save your sanity

  • Stop worrying about what to make

  • Give your brain a break

  • Spend less money by cooking at home

  • Feel better knowing you're eating healthy meals the whole family will love

You want to be healthy but you're just too busy!

I can help with that

👋 Hey there, I'm Sarah

I know what it's like to be a busy woman, pulled in too many directions.

❌ Putting everyone else first, leaving zero time for yourself

❌ Wanting to be healthier but juggling a crazy schedule

❌ Loving the idea of meal planning but the task seems overwhelming

❌ Having zero energy or time to put plans together on your own

❌ Figuring you'll just get healthy later *Sigh*

Here's the Problem


You truly believe that healthy eating is important for you and your family


But researching, planning, and figuring it out is way too complicated for your busy life


You need an easy plan that is already done for you and takes the thinking out of it

Make healthy eating simple.


Outsmart Healthy Eating

What's included

  • 6 months of done for you meal plans broken into easy-to-execute weeks $270 value

  • Completed grocery lists for each plan so you never forget a single ingredient $150 value

  • Links to recipes so you don't have to search for instructions $200 value

  • 3 plans to choose from or mix and match so there's something for everyone $300 value

  • Traditional plans, Gluten-free/Dairy-free plans, and Flexible plans (6 months of each plan included)



What "Outsmart Healthy Eating" can do for you

  • SAVE TIME: no more wondering what you are going to make for the week, save time by quickly using the plans

  • PROVIDE AN EASY SOLUTION: these meal plans include foods that the whole family will enjoy and are easy to use

  • MAKE HEALTHY EATING SIMPLE: no crazy ingredients or complicated recipes, just use common grocery store items to simplify healthy eating

  • SAVE YOUR ENERGY AND BRAIN POWER: no need to figure everything out on your own or spend hours in the kitchen; everything has been done for you

  • TAKE CONFUSION AND OVERWHELM OUT OF MEAL PLANNING: know exactly what you are going to eat, even with a busy schedule

  • HELP YOU FEEL BETTER: enjoy increased energy and just feel better by eating foods that heal your body naturally

Hear what others have to say:

"Saved my sanity!"

I have 3 busy kids that are constantly on the go. These plans made my life so much easier. I didn't have to think, I didn't have to plan, I simply used them to save my sanity!


~ Lisa M

"Meals that everyone loves!"

Trying to find easy meals that everyone loves is always a battle, but with the "Outsmart Healthy Eating" plans, I have TONS of options that my entire family enjoys. AND I feel better knowing I am giving them healthy foods.


~Heidi R

Gave my brain a break!

My life is too busy to have time to plan out perfectly healthy meals, BUT I also knew that what I was eating was making me feel exhausted. Thanks to these plans, my brain got a break and I also feel MUCH better!


~Joy G

Why listen to me?

I am a Functional Medicine Physician Assistant with over 20 years of clinical experience. I am also a certified Health and Wellness Coach who specializes in helping women optimize metabolism, simplify healthy living, and feel amazing!

But more importantly, I am a busy mom with 4 kids who knows what it's like to be stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

I've done the hard work so you don't have to! These plans have been designed to make healthy eating so simple that anyone can follow them.